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Our superpower is to improve the quality of each client's business by creating unique websites, applications and technological solutions. Many years of experience and a wide range of competencies allow us to provide high quality, comprehensive services.

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Who? What? How do you spell it?

Modern interactive agency and software house.

Artificare is not just a company that will do the best service for you and deliver the best product. We are also people who are passionate about what we do. That is why every project is carried out with attention to the smallest detail.

artificer noun

ar·​ti·​fi·​cer | \ är-ˈti-fə-sər, ˈär-tə-fə-sər \

Definition of artificer

  1. a skillful or artistic worker; craftsperson.
  2. a person who is skillful or clever in devising ways of making things; inventor.
    // had been the artificer of his own fortunes

care noun

care | \ ˈker \

Definition of care

  1. feel concern or interest; attach importance to something.
    // they care about human life
  2. look after and provide for the needs of.
    // he has numerous animals to care for
  3. serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.
    // he planned his departure with great care
Digital Transformation

Stay one step ahead of others

Digital transformation is the integration of new technologies into all areas of an organization. This process takes place at every level of the company, allows people to solve their problems and respond to their needs. Strong brands choose to invest in software that allows to streamline the reality around us, so they work more efficiently and faster.

Working with modern technologies such as Laravel, Vue or React not only increases the capabilities of companies, but also contributes to achieving a competitive advantage in the market. The future starts today! Set your company apart from the competition and start working with Artificare.

We serve Advertising/Interactive agencies

We become a partner/subcontractor for Advertising/Interactive Agencies. If you have too many projects, don't want to build your own programming team or don't intend to work with freelancers anymore - we can help you! Our experienced team will carry out any programming and graphic order for you (if necessary, we also have graphic designers).

The foundation for success in today's digital world is modern and confident solutions. Our white label team will help your marketing agency with, among other things:

  • Designing user-centered websites, stores, web applications
  • Selecting the best IT technology for a marketing agency client
  • Preparing information about the software architecture
  • Implementing IT systems
  • Maintaining and updating IT systems of agency clients
  • Assisting agency account executives in understanding the meanderings of technology

We serve Entrepreneurs

We create advanced business software for entrepreneurs to help them manage their companies. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance of our software or mobile application. This support and quick response is essential for the proper functioning of the project. We provide work and monitoring of the program/application at a cost lower than hiring your own programmer.

Years of work and dozens of conversations with clients have allowed us to identify the biggest issues businesses face. Our outsourced IT department service is the answer to the most common issues.

  • Not enough work to hire a full-time employee
  • Uncertainty whether the company will earn the programmer's salary
  • Unwillingness to generate large and fixed costs
  • The need for a quick response in emergency situations
  • Lack of technical knowledge and ability to control programmers
  • Fear of bad recruitment or lack of time to conduct it
  • Fear of interruption in the operation of the company in the event of vacation or illness
  • Lack of capacity of the internal team
  • Too narrow competences of the team or employees

We serve Start-ups

We implement start-up projects based on our knowledge and experience. We professionally advise and select the most profitable software solution for the start-up, taking care of the smallest detail. After the implementation we offer care and support for the project.

At the consultation stage we thoroughly analyze the requirements and then move on to discuss the goals and ideas to achieve them. The result of such consultations is establishing the strategy of action and moving to its implementation, i.e. creating dedicated software, web application, native mobile application or website. Our services include primarily:

Building and creating MVP

MVP, or minimum viable product. What does it mean in practice and in relation to dedicated software? It is a product, in this case a system or application, which is minimally ready to be introduced on the market. With the help of MVP, our software house can present the capabilities of the system or web/native application created for the company.


Our software house specializes in programming services that cover all software related needs of businesses. Whenever there is a possibility to achieve your company's business goal through our programming services, we will create a dedicated solution to help you achieve it. We specialize in building dedicated CMS and CRM systems and web applications.

Dedicated web applications

Web applications (also known as web applications) allow you to work remotely on different devices, without the need to install applications. Dedicated web applications streamline certain processes in the company and allow authorized people to use their functionality at any time from any device with internet access.

Programming outsourcing

You don't have to worry about whether the freelancer will deliver the implemented project on time, whether you'll manage to build a good programming team in the company, or whether your best programmer will not leave at the least opportune moment - contact us. With our company you can be sure that the commissioned project, business software, or just your idea will see the light of day in its best version!

Our programmers will use all their experience to complete the project for you in the fastest possible time. In addition, contacting us, you are immediately in touch with the programmer, so already on the phone or at a meeting you will receive all the information about the technology that will be used in your project, the deadline in which the order will be completed and other information that relates to the software or mobile application.

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